Chinese Noodles Sakamoto   
Location 34-9 Chuo-cho Kasaoka-shi, Okayama    
Phone Number 0865-63-6454
Business Hours 9:30About 14:30
Holidays Sundays and Holidays
Seating Counter-4 Table- 10    
Parking No
Owner’s Recommendation Chuka Soba ¥600
Established in 1958 and has been loved by the people of Kasaoka and also outside of Kasaoka as well. Sakamoto’s Chuka Soba has the authentic and traditional taste of Kasaoka Ramen. The Nidori may be a little stiff compared to other ramen shops but this is the traditional style. Have  your noodles on the softer side to enjoy the Kasaoka Ramen style!!

(C)Tha Ramen Town Kasaoka's Nationwide Project Promotion Committee